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Welcome to Year of the Dad

Welcome to Year of the Dad, celebrating the difference a great dad can make!

Throughout 2016 and beyond, we’re issuing a rallying call to services and employers to support dads, embrace family-friendly, inclusive practice and reflect the importance of fathers in child development.


Did you know?

67% of fathers said work stops them from being with their children. 
(Scott & Clery 2013)
In 82% of families the father works full time.
(Connolly et al 2013)
The average daily time a father spent taking care of his children rose by 800 percent between 1970 to 1997 from 15 mins to 3 hours.
(Fisher et al 1999)
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Why dads?

Because society hasn’t yet caught up with the huge cultural changes that have taken place in the home and workplace over the past 50 years.

It’s time to ditch the gender stereotypes and celebrate the key contribution fathers make to child development, family and community life.

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