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The home of father-friendly news, thoughts and creative insights into the Year of the Dad, from our team and an array of guest bloggers. Let us know what you think – and if you’ve got an idea for a blog post you’d like to write for us, get in touch!

Survey for dads and grandads - share your experience

family.pngAre you a dad or a grandad?

If either is the case, we’d love you to spend a few minutes telling us about your experiences in our short Year of the Dad survey.

We’re hoping to get as many responses as possible in the next few weeks so that we can report back on the lives and habits of our modern dads and father-figures in time for Father’s Day on 19th June. If you’re a dad you can access the survey here, if you’re a grandad click here

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Dads - by Rosie aged 11 & 3/4 - #yearofthedad animation

Rosie's dad is good at putting up shelves, and being a taxi for football practice - but he's also great at plaits and spaghetti and bearhugs. In Year of the dad Rosie wants to celebrate the difference a great dad can make. Why not join her and spread the word with this short animation?

New Father-friendly Resources Published

Father-Proofing - a guide for marketing and communicationsWhat does father-proofing mean in practice? DR GARY CLAPTON presents two major new papers showing exactly how organisations often unconsciously exclude dads – and the huge growth in those who have turned proudly “father-friendly”.

Very few family services would say they don’t work with fathers. However, the vast majority of services do not offer a specific service for fathers. In 2007, of a sample of 382 Scottish services for parents, only three services were adapted to suit the needs of fathers. Less than a decade later, however, there’s been a marked increase in awareness.

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The 1% Myth about Shared Parental Leave

NHS pictureThe headlines falsely told us fathers’ take-up of Shared Parental Leave was woeful, but the truth could be much brighter. NICK THORPE untwists the statistics and finds new hope in the Year of the Dad.

IF, like us, your Easter holiday was dampened by the gloomy headline that only 1 per cent of men had taken up Shared Parental Leave, then cheer up – it seems we’ve all been misled by a statistic that the BBC is describing as “fabulously wrong”.

The UK government’s own modest projection for fathers’ take-up of parental leave in its first year was between 2 and 8 percent. But the true figure could be well above that – for reasons BBC Radio 4’s More or Less made scathingly clear.

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Year of the Dad Conference now online!

Year of the Dad Conference coverOur sell-out Year of the Dad Conference took place on Friday 12th February 2016 at the University of Edinburgh. Now you can go back there online!

As part of the first ever Year of the Dad in Scotland we aimed to create a day of reflection, dialogue and stimulation for academics, policy-makers and practitioners - and to celebrate the positive contribution fathers make to children, families, communities and society as a whole. 

You can catch up on sessions you missed, download audio files of keynotes or conversation strands - not to mention written summaries, slide presentations and posters.

Just go to the full conference listing on the Fathers Network Scotland site by clicking here


The Difference Reading Makes

A dad reads with his son - NHS imagesReading aloud is one of the best ways fathers can bond with their children. On World Book Day, DOUGLAS GUEST of Fathers Network Scotland shares how he overcame dyslexia to start his reading journey with his young sons. 

Stories fire the imagination and inspire creativity, but being dyslexic, I found reading at school – and particularly reading aloud – very challenging. I fell in love with reading through comics like 2000AD and Marvel superheroes.

It was only when I was given a Star Wars chapter book of The Empire Strikes Backthat I started to find reading interesting in the form we traditionally know it. It was the beginning of a lifelong passion.

My fear of reading aloud persisted, however, so in order to overcome it, I started reading simple picture books to my own boys when they were very young. I began with the Bookbug mainstay HUG by Jez Alborough and other ones I picked up in the library.

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How caring for my child turned me into a novelist

Image book coverBecoming a stay-at-home dad was just the break STUART ROBERTSON needed. He escaped the corporate treadmill, spent quality time with his family… and found the perfect inspiration for his first novel.

I’m usually a glass half-empty kind of person. But when my office was closed and I had to choose between relocation to a centralised workplace or voluntary redundancy, I saw the positive in the situation. Here was a golden opportunity to spend more time with my family while pursuing my dream of becoming a novelist.

‘What do you think about swapping roles?’ I tentatively asked my wife, then a stay-at-home mum. ‘You could go back to work and I could be the one at home.’

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Year of the Dad hits the headlines

David Drysdale & son on STVIt’s barely ten days since the launch of Year of the Dad – and already we’ve been delighted by extensive and supportive coverage in print, online and broadcast media.

Clearly this celebration of the difference a great dad can make has struck a chord across the nation. Here’s our round-up of media coverage so far – with thanks to our friends at Smarts:

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Song for Dad launches Year of the Dad

Queensferry Primary pupils & dads - c. Lenny WarrenNearly 300 people gathered at Edinburgh Zoo today to launch Year of the Dad with stories, speeches, feasting and music - including a wonderful song specially-written by children. NICK THORPE reports

FROM the moment the idea for Year of the Dad was first conceived, it's been clear to us that the most important voices in this celebratory campaign will be those of children.

And rarely have children's voices been so passionate, moving and funny in their affection for their dads as those of the P6 pupils who took the stage at today's official launch at Edinburgh Zoo to premiere their "Song for Dad".

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Welcome to Year of the Dad 2016

David and his sonWelcome to Year of the Dad 2016! We hope you’ve had a fabulous festive break.

Now 2016 is upon us, and the long-awaited launch approaches. We’re looking forward to working with you in 2016 YEAR OF THE DAD - celebrating the difference a great dad can make!


After some market research and stakeholder consultation, we’ve gained some valuable insight into how to support you in making Year of the Dad a success. Here at HQ we’re only a small team of people and we’re so glad to have you on board! We're busy building a supporters’ pack, but in the meantime, here are three ways you can help:

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