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Is Year of the Dad good news for Women?

International Men's Day posterAs International Men’s Day rouses both support and controversy, NICK THORPE appeals for men and women to work together for gender equality.

ISN’T every day already International Men’s Day?

That’s the gist of the criticism levelled by some at today’s attempt to “make a difference for men and boys”. How can you have an awareness-raising day for a group that already wields disproportionate power? It simply reinforces the inequality of women.

It’s an important perspective for anyone who recognises (as FNS does) the historical truth of male privilege in society, but it fails to recognise that the particular problems facing men – higher suicide levels, lower life expectancy, underperformance in school, higher prison population, to name a few – are #biggerissues at least partly because we don’t talk about them.

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Countdown to Year of the Dad

Pete Airlie - a dad at 15The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in… and the Year of the Dad is fast approaching! Here at Fathers Network Scotland we’re delighted to discover how many of you share our excitement around this celebration of fatherhood and the huge importance of dads in in child development and parenting.

Outdoor instructor Pete Airlie of My Adventure is only the latest to give the thumbs up: a dad at 15 who defied stereotypes by being anything but "deadbeat", his inspiring wee interview a decade later has had more than 1000 viewings since we put it online last week. The message is clearly spreading: dads are unequivocally an asset and deserve to be celebrated!

So what else has been happening? Fasten your seatbelts...

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