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What is Year of the Dad and why was it created?

Year of the Dad is a celebration of the difference a great dad can make to children’s wellbeing, confidence, and educational attainment.

Research overwhelmingly shows that children, families and society as a whole benefit from the positive involvement of fathers – the “dad effect” - and Year of the Dad has been created to recognise this difference.

Throughout 2016 we’re issuing a rallying call to

  1. Dads and their families to share their experiences and the difference they are making.
  2. Services to embrace and include dads as service users
  3. Employers to support dads by offering family-friendly working.

We want to support confident parents in all their roles at work and at home to foster a more equal society. Because as Scandinavia shows, countries with greater equality between men and women also have higher wellbeing.

Year of the Dad is organised by Fathers Network Scotland with support from the Scottish Government and partner organisations.